Waarom een UV-shirt een must-have is voor wandelaars

Why a UV shirt is a must-have for hikers

If you love hiking, you know it's important to have the right gear to get out and about safely and comfortably. In addition to a good choice of footwear and waterproof clothing, wearing a UV shirt is essential for hikers who spend long days in the sun. In this blog we tell you all about the KingsPower UV shirt and why it is a must-have for hikers.

UV protection

The KingsPower UV Shirt offers up to 98% protection against harmful UV rays with an SPF 50 rating. This allows you to fully enjoy long walks without worrying about burning or damaging your skin. The shirt is made of dry-wick material that quickly wicks away sweat and keeps you comfortable and dry, even during intensive walks in the sun.

A UV shirt can be used during various occasions, including hiking. During walks, hikers are often exposed to direct sunlight, which can burn or damage the skin. A UV shirt protects the skin and prevents these problems. In addition, wearing a UV shirt can reduce the need to use sunscreen, which can also come in handy while hiking.

To choose the right clothing for walks, several factors such as the location, the weather conditions and the intensity of the walk must be taken into account. A UV shirt is always a good choice because it offers protection against harmful UV rays while being breathable and comfortable.

Shine in the sun

The KingsPower UV shirt is also stylish and fashionable. The shirt has a beautiful blue color and features the white KingsPower logo on the chest and the name KingsPower on the right sleeve. This not only makes you look good, but also shows that you opt for quality.


In short, the KingsPower UV shirt is a must-have for hikers who spend long days in the sun. It offers optimal protection against the sun, is comfortable and dry and has a stylish design. With this shirt you can fully enjoy your walks without worrying about the harmful effects of the sun. Order your KingsPower UV shirt now and add this great shirt to your hiking equipment!

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