Een fietser in een winters landschap

Exercising outdoors in winter: how do you stay warm?

Exercising outside in winter: how do you stay warm?

Winter doesn't have to be an excuse to stop exercising outside. Despite the cold temperatures, there are many people who prefer to train outside rather than in a gym. However, the cold can be a limiting factor if you don't do what it takes to stay warm. In this article we provide useful tips on how to avoid the cold when exercising outdoors in winter.

Tips for staying warm during outdoor sports in winter:

1. Wear the right clothes

The right clothing is key to staying warm during outdoor winter sports. It is important to wear several layers of clothing to regulate your body temperature. The first layer should be form-fitting and made of sweat-wicking materials such as polyester or nylon. The second layer should be thicker and insulating to retain body heat. The third layer should be waterproof to protect you from wind and rain.

2. Protect your limbs

The limbs are the parts of the body that suffer most from the cold. It is important to protect your hands, feet and head from the cold. Use gloves, hats and thermal socks to keep your extremities warm. If you train in the snow, wear waterproof boots to protect your feet from the cold and wet.


3. Stay hydrated

Even if you don't feel thirsty, it's important to stay hydrated during outdoor winter exercise. The cold makes you sweat less and you may not notice that you are losing moisture. Drink water before, during and after exercise to keep your body hydrated and prevent dehydration.

4. Warm up before exercising

Warming up is essential before any exercise, but it is especially important in winter. Cold weather makes muscles tighter and blood circulation slower. Do a good warm-up before exercising to prevent injuries and prepare your body for the physical exertion.

5. Choose the right time of day

The right time to train outside in winter is when the sun is highest in the sky. Avoid training early in the morning or evening, when temperatures are cooler. If possible, choose the time of day when the temperature is warmest to exercise outdoors.

6. Wear heated clothing

If you want to keep your body heat consistent, consider wearing heated clothing such as jackets or vests. These will keep you warm and comfortable even in the coldest temperatures. We recommend that you read this article about the benefits of using heated clothing for outdoor sports.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is it safe to exercise outside in winter?

Yes, as long as you take proper measures to stay warm and take into account your individual health status.

2. What kind of clothes should I wear for outdoor sports in winter?

You should wear appropriate clothing in layers, starting with a fitted T-shirt, followed by a jacket or heated vest to keep your body warm. It is also advisable to wear insulated trousers and waterproof boots.

3. How can I protect my limbs during outdoor exercise in winter?

Wear thick gloves and insulated socks to keep your extremities warm and protected from the cold.

4. Should I stay hydrated during winter outdoor activities?

Yes, it is important to stay hydrated during winter training. Drink warm water or hot tea before and after exercise to keep your body warm and well hydrated.

5. When is the right time to exercise outdoors in winter?

The right time to exercise outdoors in winter is when the sun is highest in the sky, usually around noon.

6. Where can I buy heated jackets or body warmers?

If you are interested in purchasing heated clothing for outdoor sports in winter, we recommend that you visit the KingsPower online shop. This store offers a wide range of high quality heated jackets and body warmers that will keep you warm and comfortable during your winter outdoor exercises.


Exercising outdoors in the winter can be a unique and enriching experience, as long as you take the right steps to stay warm. Wear suitable clothing, protect your limbs, stay well hydrated, warm up properly and choose the right time of day for your outdoor training. If you want to be extra warm, you can consider wearing heated clothing, such as jackets or body warmers. This way you can enjoy the benefits of exercise and contact with nature without being bothered by the cold. Remember to always listen to your body and if you are too cold, it is best to choose to train indoors. Do not give up!

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