UPF-rating uitgelegd: waarom het belangrijk is bij het kiezen van een uv-shirt

UPF rating explained: why it matters when choosing a UV shirt

When looking for a UV shirt to protect you from the harmful effects of the sun, the UPF rating is an important factor to consider. But what exactly is UPF rating and why is it important? In this blog you will learn everything you need to know about UPF rating and why it is so important when choosing a UV shirt. We explain how UPF rating works and what value the KingsPower UV shirt has.


UPF rating is a measure of the protection that clothing offers against UV radiation. UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor and it is used to indicate how much of the UV radiation is blocked by the fabric. The higher the UPF rating, the better the fabric protects against UV rays. For example, a UPF rating of 50 means that only 1/50th of the UV rays pass through the fabric, so the fabric blocks 98% of the UV rays.

The target

UPF rating is important because UV rays can be harmful to the skin. Exposure to UV radiation can lead to sunburn, skin aging and skin cancer. By wearing clothing with a high UPF rating, you can protect yourself against these harmful effects of UV rays. That's why it's important to choose a UV shirt with a UPF rating high enough to protect you from the sun.


The KingsPower UV shirt has a UPF rating of 50+, which means that it blocks 98% of UV rays and thus offers optimal protection against the harmful effects of the sun. The shirt is made of lightweight polyester and spandex and has a special dry-wick technology that quickly wicks away sweat and keeps the wearer dry and comfortable, even during intensive activities in the sun.


If you are looking for a UV shirt to protect you from the harmful effects of the sun, it is important to pay attention to the UPF rating. The KingsPower UV shirt offers a UPF rating of 50+, providing optimal protection against UV rays. In addition, the shirt has a comfortable fit and dry-wick technology, which also keeps you dry and comfortable while wearing it. Choose the KingsPower UV shirt and enjoy all your outdoor activities without any worries!

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