Winterse omgeving in de bergen

Winter wellness: How heated clothing contributes to your well-being in 2023/24

Winter wellness: How heated clothing will contribute to your well-being in 2023

Winter is in full swing and in addition to fun and holidays, this time of year also brings cold temperatures. At KingsPower we believe that health and wellness are essential, even during the winter months. Discover how our innovative heated clothing not only warms your body, but also contributes to your overall winter wellness.

How heated clothing contributes to your health and well-being

Promotes blood circulation: Cold temperatures can reduce blood circulation, which can lead to cold hands and feet. Our heated clothing stimulates blood flow by distributing heat evenly over your body. This not only improves your comfort, but also promotes healthy blood circulation.

Relieves muscle tension: You know that tense feeling in your neck and shoulders during the winter? Heated clothing can help relax muscles and relieve tension. The pleasant warmth penetrates deeply and offers relief to tired and tense muscles.

Protects against cold-related complaints: Cold can contribute to problems such as joint pain and colds. Heated clothing from KingsPower helps to keep your body at a pleasant temperature, reducing the risk of these complaints. This way you can get through the winter months healthy and comfortably.

Improved well-being and mood: Heat is known for boosting positive emotions and improving your overall mood. With our heated clothing you will not only feel warm, but also happier and more relaxed, even on the coldest days.

More energy and productivity: When your body is warm, you don't have to waste energy trying to maintain your body temperature. This means more energy and focus to tackle your daily tasks and stay productive, even in winter.


Winter wellness goes beyond just staying warm. Our heated clothing offers a range of benefits for your health and well-being during the cold months. Whether it is about promoting blood circulation, relieving muscle tension, protecting against cold-related complaints, improving your mood or increasing your energy and productivity, heated clothing from KingsPower contributes to a healthy and comfortable winter experience. Do you also want to know how the heated clothing works? Then read this blog where we go deeper into dealing with heated clothing.

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