Hoe KingsPower's dry-wick technologie je koel en droog houdt in de zon: De wetenschap achter het comfort van het UV-shirt

How KingsPower's dry-wick technology keeps you cool and dry in the sun: The science behind the comfort of the UV shirt

When it comes to sports and outdoor activities, it is important to wear clothes that not only provide protection from the sun, but also provide comfort and dryness when sweating. Fortunately, the dry-wick technology in KingsPower UV shirts offers just that. But what is dry-wick technology and how does it work? In this blog we will explore the science behind the dry-wick technology and how KingsPower uses it to make wearing the UV shirt comfortable.

Dry wick

For starters, it's important to understand how sweat works. Our body sweats to cool down and regulate our body temperature during exercise. However, if sweat is not wicked away effectively, it can cause overheating and discomfort during exercise. This is where the dry-wick technology in the KingsPower UV shirt comes in handy.

Dry-wick technology is based on the principle of capillary action. The material of the shirt has small pores that absorb moisture and pull it along the fibers of the shirt. These fibers are designed to transport the moisture to the outer layer of the shirt, where it can evaporate. This keeps the wearer dry and comfortable during exercise.


Dry-wick material is usually made of synthetic fibers such as polyester, nylon or spandex. These materials are water-repellent and have a smooth surface, so they quickly transport moisture away from the skin and to the outside of the shirt. In addition, the material of the KingsPower UV shirt is treated with antimicrobials to prevent odors, making it ideal for high-intensity activities.

The advantages of dry wick

The use of dry-wick technology in the KingsPower UV shirt offers several advantages. First, the wearer stays dry and comfortable, even during strenuous activities. This reduces friction and irritation on the skin, which is essential for preventing chafing and rashes. Second, the moisture management ability of dry-wick material helps prevent overheating and improves the wearer's performance during exercise.


In addition, the KingsPower UV shirt is not only made of dry-wick material, but also offers protection against harmful UV rays with an SPF 50 rating. This means that the wearer can stay in the sun longer without worrying about burning or skin damage. Combining the benefits of dry-wick technology and UV protection, the KingsPower UV Shirt offers the perfect solution for outdoor activities.


In short, the dry-wick technology in the KingsPower UV shirt is a scientifically proven method of wicking moisture away from the body and keeping the wearer dry and comfortable, even during intense activities in the sun. This is essential for protecting the skin against the harmful effects of UV radiation. By using high-quality dry-wick materials, KingsPower not only offers protection against harmful UV rays, but also extra comfort and better performance during sports.

If you are looking for a stylish and effective UV shirt that protects you from the sun, the KingsPower UV shirt with dry-wick technology is the perfect choice for you. Order today and enjoy the benefits of this fantastic product during all your outdoor activities!

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