Water verkoeling is een van de duurzaamste manieren van verkoeling, dit kan met het koelvest


Heat load is bad for the health of you, your employees and their performance capacity, it can also have indirect consequences for the image of your organization. So how can you keep the heat from overloading?

The ideal situation

The optimal situation in the Netherlands to live in is between 16ºC and 17ºC. When this situation can be realized, people (on average) suffer the least from both the cold and the heat. When the temperature is above it is desirable to lower it for the sake of performance and human health.

The solutions

You can of course choose to take it easy on hot days or even put it down temporarily. These are responsible choices that you can make as an employer, but there are also opportunities to act responsibly and to maintain the output of your organization.

By letting the employees drink enough water and work in the sun as little as possible , a large part of the problem is already solved. However, the situation can still be improved. When using a cooling vest during work, the heat load can be reduced and sometimes even prevented (depending on the temperature).

By using a cooling vest , the upper body is cooled during work. This is possible because the vest retains (cold) water that cools the skin. In addition, a cooling vest charges the wind, but protects against the sun.

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