Hoe bestrijd je de kou op de fiets tijdens het winterseizoen

How do you fight the cold on your bike during the winter season with heated clothing

How to combat the cold on your bike during the winter season with heated clothing

Cycling is a fun and healthy activity, but many people refrain from cycling in winter because of the cold temperatures. But what if we told you that you can also cycle in winter without getting cold? Yes, you read that correctly, thanks to heated clothing you can always stay warm while cycling. In this article we show you how to combat the cold on your bike in winter (with heated clothing).

How to combat the cold on the bike during the winter season (with heated clothing):

1. Use heated clothing

Heated clothing is an excellent option for staying warm while cycling. This clothing has thermal panels that warm your body and keep it at the right temperature. You can find heated jackets, pants, gloves and socks.

2. Wear layers of clothing

Another option to combat the cold on the bike is to wear different layers of clothing. Start with a base layer of thermal clothing, then add a midlayer and finally a jacket. This way you can regulate your body temperature as needed.

3. Heated gloves

Heated gloves are an excellent option to keep your hands warm while cycling. You can find heated gloves that provide more warmth.

4. Protect your feet

Keeping your feet warm is very important when cycling in winter. Heated socks are an option, but you can also use shoe covers to protect your feet from the cold and rain.

5. Wear warm hats

Wearing warm hats under your helmet is a good option to keep your head warm. You can also opt for a thermal balaclava to cover your head and face.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Is heated clothing expensive?

Heated clothing may be a little more expensive than regular clothing, but it is a worthwhile investment to keep you warm in the winter.

2. How does heated clothing work?

Heated clothing works with rechargeable batteries that power the heating panels.

3. Can I wash heated clothes?

Yes, most heated clothing can be machine washed, but it is important to read the washing instructions to ensure the clothing is washed correctly.

4. Is heated clothing safe to wear while cycling?

Yes, heated clothing is safe as long as it is used correctly and according to the manufacturer's instructions. Additionally, some heated clothing is specifically designed for outdoor sports, such as cycling, so it is safe to wear while cycling.

5. Is it necessary to invest in heated clothing for cycling in winter?

It's not strictly necessary, but if you want to be more comfortable and not get cold while cycling in winter, investing in heated clothing can be a good idea. With heated clothing you can regulate your temperature and keep your body warm, which can make cycling in winter much more pleasant.

6. How do you charge heated clothing ?

Most heated clothing charges via a USB port, so it's easy to charge at home or the office before riding. Also, most heated clothing has a battery life of several hours, so you don't have to worry about the battery running out while you're out and about.


Cycling in winter can seem challenging due to the cold temperatures, but thanks to heated clothing it is possible to enjoy this activity without getting cold. By wearing heated clothing, layers of clothing, thermal gloves, protecting your feet and wearing thermal hats you can keep your body warm and comfortable while cycling. Remember that the investment in heated clothing may be a bit higher, but in the long run it will be a worthwhile investment to continue cycling through the winter season. Don't let the cold stop you, keep cycling!

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