Heated Winter Jacket Incl. Power bank - Unisex - Black

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The KingsPower heated jacket will keep you warm until the coldest winter days. Thanks to the three different heat settings, the winter jacket can be used for up to 10 hours in any situation. The winter jacket weighs only 500 grams and retains the heat well thanks to the fleece inside. On the outside, the jacket consists of polyester, so it keeps the cold out well, say Get lost against the cold!


Three different modes

If you suffer a lot from the cold or even from muscle pain and perhaps also rheumatism, the heated winter coat can help you (on your way). The heat stimulates blood circulation and this is also the reason why certain forms of pain can be felt less. The heated winter jacket includes the option to regulate the heat. This can be done via a subtle button on the chest, there are 3 options for this:

  1. Heating to 45 degrees Celsius (blue light)
  2. Heating up to 52 degrees Celsius (white light)
  3. Heating up to 60 degrees Celsius (red light)

The winter jacket is protected against overheating and is heated to the desired temperature within 1 minute.



The outside of the winter jacket is made of polyester. This ensures that the winter coat stops the cold well, and it also retains the heat extra well.

The lining consists of soft fleece polyester, which makes the winter jacket feel soft and it is also very comfortable.

The filling is polyester, which ensures that the winter jacket is always warm, even without the heat regulation. In addition, there are heating elements at the neck, middle of the back and on both sides at the front of the pockets.

KingsPower winter jacket

  • 3 different heat settings
  • with hood
  • Warmed up in 1 minute
  • Free power bank included
  • Water repellent
  • wear-resistant
  • Suitable for (winter) sports
  • Promotes blood circulation


power bank

A power bank is required to heat the winter jacket, which is included with the winter jacket. Of course it is also possible to use the power bank for charging your phone or to connect another power bank to the vest. The power bank can be connected to the vest in the inner pocket and you are no longer bothered by the cold. The power bank is not water-resistant, so we do not recommend taking the power bank with you when it rains.


To wash

It is possible to wash the winter coat by hand or in the washing machine. We recommend washing the winter jacket in a laundry bag at 30 degrees for extra protection. Always remove the power bank before washing.

Warm up your winter today!